Bathroom remodeling Orange County is important when you want to upgrade you home to make it as beautiful as possible. You must find Orange County remodeling contractors, you will find that the best bathroom remodel in Orange County can change the value of your home, change how you enjoy your home, and provides you with a style that will change the way you view your home.

1. How Do You Start The Bathroom Remodel Orange County Process?

Bathroom remodeling Newport Beach or Orange County provides you with a chance to change the bathroom completely. You will build a new style in the space, and the best bathroom remodel contractor in Orange County will begin by creating an estimate and design for the space. The remodel should be done based on how you believe the bathroom should look, and you have to take a look at the sketch that was created for you. You can work with the contractor on the design, and they will explain what can be done to the bathroom.

2. The Estimate

The estimate from Orange County remodeling contractors will help you learn what can be done to the bathroom, and you have to be sure that you have kept the estimate so that you know what is going on. The estimate that you receive should involve a sketch and the colors that you might use in the room. You should ask for as many estimates as you need until you get the right price for the job.

3. How To Get The Best Bathroom Remodel In Orange County

The best bathroom remodel in Orange County can be done only by the best bathroom remodel contractor in Orange County. You must select the best bathroom remodel contractor in Orange County team, and there are several different Orange County remodeling contractors that will write up an estimate. The estimate will help you learn what you could do in the house, and you might create something that is truly beautiful. You could also use the bathroom remodel design to create the best look for the house.

4. How Do You Save Money?

You can save money by doing a bathroom remodel Orange County with less materials or less work. The bathroom remodeling Newport Beach should be done by someone who can complete the job quickly, and you will save money on labor. You will not have as many people in your house, and it will not be for as long as you thought. This means that you can make something out of the bathroom that is truly magnificent. You could do this in every bathroom, and the bathroom remodeling Orange County that you have done should be done with an eye on saving money.

5. How Long Does The Job Take?

The bathroom remodeling Orange County job that you have done should not take too long, and you need to ask the contractor if they know how to shorten the process. The bathroom remodeling Newport Beach job will be shorter when you use less materials, and you will discover that the bathroom remodel Orange County that you have hired can have all the subcontractors on the site at the same time. You have to remember that you can use the contractor’s estimate to learn how many people will come to work on your home, and the will talk with you about how they complete this work.

6. Bathroom Remodeling Can Change The Plumbing

The bathroom remodeling Orange County that you do could change the plumbing. There are many parts of the plumbing system that can be repaired or replaced, and you could change everything from the shower to the fixtures. Changing fixtures makes the space much easier to manage, and you will notice that you have a beautiful bathroom that people will enjoy. You might want to use the plumbing changes as a way to reorganize the whole room, and you also need to see if the remodel can help you expand the room so that you will save space.

7. Bathroom Remodeling Orange County Room Changes

You can change the lay out of the room at any time, and you could have the room expanded when you believe it is necessary to avoid the problems that you have with space. Most families do not have enough room to get in and out of their bathroom comfortably, and they will need to make the room as large as they can. You might ewant to add closet space, or you could make the room into a place that holds all your linens. You can build in new cabinets that work around your sinks, and you could do the same in the room if you want to have storage near the shower or tub.

8. Sophisticated Options

You could add something like a garden tub to your bathroom if you wanted, or you might choose a layout that includes a modern shower with glass panels. You could purchase a special seating area that will lay across a window, or you might have the bathroom set up with enough space for seating if you want to have a vanity in the room. Most rooms that have this kind of seating allow for you to get ready near a vanity, and you will save a lot of time and money because the room allows you to do anything that you need at any time.

9. Conclusion

You should have your bathroom remodeling done by a professional who will create an estimate for you. The professional will write up an estimate, and they will use the estimate to help you save money. You could have any sort of bathroom made, and you could add space or change the plumbing. This is a fairly simple remodel to do, and you need to remember that you have selected a much nicer bathroom style so that your home’s value will rise. You will get a bathroom that anyone would like to stay in, and you can use it to get ready every morning in complete comfort.

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  •   Mick and his crew are great! We've used OC Home Restoration for a bathroom remodel and multiple other upgrade and resorts job. No matter what the job is Mick is on it! Most importantly, he's a great communicator and he actually shows up! We've work with so many contractors who never answer and never show up on tome or show up at all but you don't have to worry about that with Mick.

    One of the aspects I like most about working with him is that he's honest and gives you options. He doesn't try to just push things on you. He truly cares about his clients and their homes. I highly recommend working with OC Home Restoration for any home renovation or repair job in Orange County.

    thumb Marnie K.
  •   If you are looking for an honest, caring, and professional construction contractor, give Micky a call at OCHOME RESTORATION.  You will be as happy as me with his great Quality work.

    thumb Monica Z.
  •   We used their services at our boutique and we were super happy with the service and prices. We definitely recommend them.

    thumb Sherry B.
  •   Look no further! Mick and his team of professionals are great to work with. They did an excellent job on our project and we will use them again on our next remodel portion.

    thumb J R.
  •   Bought our home in HB and the home needed quite a job done to bring it back to live. We were so glad we found OC Restoration and had them done a makeover on our home. They did a wonderful job and we are very satisfied. Mick was very helpful and dedicated to his client. He helped a lot with design advice and helped us on picking out tiles, cabinet and materials .... He went out of his way to serve his client and make sure we are happy with the result. Thanks to him we were able to get what we want for a good deal and save money on may of the materials. They did a great job especially on our bathrooms and kitchen. They came out gorgeous. We are very happy and would highly recommend their service for anyone that needs help remodeling their home. Give him a call and you won't regret!!!

    thumb Cady L.
  •   After living through 4 different renovation projects over the years, I thought I knew what to expect from a contractor. Typically, the process consists of a lot of over promising and under delivering. All of that changed the day we met Mick...which was exactly 6 days ago.  Mick came to our home, looked at the project we wanted him to do and gave us an idea of cost. He promised he could start right away and that he would be done well before Thanksgiving (another contractor we had out to look at the project wasn't so sure he could meet that timeline). When we called Mick back that afternoon to tell him we wanted to work with him, he came back out the following day, wrote up a contract and asked if he could start the next day (Monday). He estimated he would be done in a week. We laughed...this wasn't our first rodeo. We knew 1 week meant 8 weeks. But in Mick's case, he under promises and OVER delivers. He finished yesterday. 3 1/2 days into the was done. Best of all - his work is phenomenal! His prices are fair (you don't pay until the project's complete!!!!!!!), he is courteous, honest, friendly and truly a pleasure to work with. We can't wait to start our next project with him, which we can do sooner than we thought now that this one is complete.

    thumb JD S.
  •   Craftsmanship on shower and door excellent. Workers very respectful of home , covering carpets and floors . Shower looks amazing
    Lack of and clear communication with "point person / leader "at times  have to remember "no job is to small"

    thumb Kathy M.
  •   As a property manager and real estate investor I work with a lot of contractors but none have been as helpful and reliable as Mick at OC home restoration. He's done work at 4 of my properties and every job he's done is better than the last. His pricing is fair and he and his guys show up on time and get the job done. Reliability is difficult to come by in the industry but Mick always answers his phone and shows up when he says he will. If you're looking for a quality contractor in Orange County I'd look no further than Mick and his team and OC Home Restoration.

    thumb Daniel G.
  •   I had a great experience using Mick and his team to remodel my two bathrooms. I had several issues with leaks from the upstairs unit but he was great in working with the the HOA plumber and helping ensure that everything was done properly. They worked efficiently and were budget friendly. Mick is a really nice guy as well. There were a couple of things that I wish were done more carefully but all in all, a great experience. Would recommend!

    thumb Jenna W.
  •   I'm so stoked I found these guys. My wife and I are hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend and my handyman bailed on us in the middle of remodeling my kitchen. I called up Mick and he was able to fit us in last minute which was a God send. Mick and his crew completed the work in 2 days and now my kitchen looks amazing! He will be our go-to guy from now on.

    thumb Bryan F.

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