Bathroom remodeling Orange County is important when you want to upgrade you home to make it as beautiful as possible. You must find Orange County remodeling contractors, you will find that the best bathroom remodel in Orange County can change the value of your home, change how you enjoy your home, and provides you with a style that will change the way you view your home.

1. How Do You Start The Bathroom Remodel Orange County Process?

Bathroom remodeling Newport Beach or Orange County provides you with a chance to change the bathroom completely. You will build a new style in the space, and the best bathroom remodel contractor in Orange County will begin by creating an estimate and design for the space. The remodel should be done based on how you believe the bathroom should look, and you have to take a look at the sketch that was created for you. You can work with the contractor on the design, and they will explain what can be done to the bathroom.

2. The Estimate

The estimate from Orange County remodeling contractors will help you learn what can be done to the bathroom, and you have to be sure that you have kept the estimate so that you know what is going on. The estimate that you receive should involve a sketch and the colors that you might use in the room. You should ask for as many estimates as you need until you get the right price for the job.

3. How To Get The Best Bathroom Remodel In Orange County

The best bathroom remodel in Orange County can be done only by the best bathroom remodel contractor in Orange County. You must select the best bathroom remodel contractor in Orange County team, and there are several different Orange County remodeling contractors that will write up an estimate. The estimate will help you learn what you could do in the house, and you might create something that is truly beautiful. You could also use the bathroom remodel design to create the best look for the house.

4. How Do You Save Money?

You can save money by doing a bathroom remodel Orange County with less materials or less work. The bathroom remodeling Newport Beach should be done by someone who can complete the job quickly, and you will save money on labor. You will not have as many people in your house, and it will not be for as long as you thought. This means that you can make something out of the bathroom that is truly magnificent. You could do this in every bathroom, and the bathroom remodeling Orange County that you have done should be done with an eye on saving money.

5. How Long Does The Job Take?

The bathroom remodeling Orange County job that you have done should not take too long, and you need to ask the contractor if they know how to shorten the process. The bathroom remodeling Newport Beach job will be shorter when you use less materials, and you will discover that the bathroom remodel Orange County that you have hired can have all the subcontractors on the site at the same time. You have to remember that you can use the contractor’s estimate to learn how many people will come to work on your home, and the will talk with you about how they complete this work.

6. Bathroom Remodeling Can Change The Plumbing

The bathroom remodeling Orange County that you do could change the plumbing. There are many parts of the plumbing system that can be repaired or replaced, and you could change everything from the shower to the fixtures. Changing fixtures makes the space much easier to manage, and you will notice that you have a beautiful bathroom that people will enjoy. You might want to use the plumbing changes as a way to reorganize the whole room, and you also need to see if the remodel can help you expand the room so that you will save space.

7. Bathroom Remodeling Orange County Room Changes

You can change the lay out of the room at any time, and you could have the room expanded when you believe it is necessary to avoid the problems that you have with space. Most families do not have enough room to get in and out of their bathroom comfortably, and they will need to make the room as large as they can. You might ewant to add closet space, or you could make the room into a place that holds all your linens. You can build in new cabinets that work around your sinks, and you could do the same in the room if you want to have storage near the shower or tub.

8. Sophisticated Options

You could add something like a garden tub to your bathroom if you wanted, or you might choose a layout that includes a modern shower with glass panels. You could purchase a special seating area that will lay across a window, or you might have the bathroom set up with enough space for seating if you want to have a vanity in the room. Most rooms that have this kind of seating allow for you to get ready near a vanity, and you will save a lot of time and money because the room allows you to do anything that you need at any time.

9. Conclusion

You should have your bathroom remodeling done by a professional who will create an estimate for you. The professional will write up an estimate, and they will use the estimate to help you save money. You could have any sort of bathroom made, and you could add space or change the plumbing. This is a fairly simple remodel to do, and you need to remember that you have selected a much nicer bathroom style so that your home’s value will rise. You will get a bathroom that anyone would like to stay in, and you can use it to get ready every morning in complete comfort.

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Our Work

  •   We decided to finally pull the trigger on our first major remodel, our very old, small, and modest master/guest bathroom.  After getting several estimates from companies with showrooms who provide all the materials, we decided to go with OC Home Restoration because 1) of the reviews, 2) the very short timeline (less than 2 weeks for a full remodel), 3) the type of shower install (mud/cement float), and 4) because we could choose and purchase any of the materials from anywhere which allowed for a wide range to choose from.  I was SO nervous that we would pick the wrong company, but boy, did Micky and his crew deliver!  Micky was so easy to work with, answered all my questions in a timely manner, and never made me feel like I was bugging him.  He and his crew were professional, arrived when they were supposed to, and took as much care as possible to keep the area clean.  The remodel went smooth and finished on time!  We now have a beautiful modern bathroom!  The first time I used it I felt like I was in a luxury hotel bathroom!  We have a few additional minor things to hang (the vanity we ordered came with the wrong mirror and waiting for the replacement - no reflection on OC Home Restoration), but other than that it's amazing!  I highly recommend Micky and OC Home Restoration.  We will be using them for our upstairs bathroom next!

    thumb Angela M.
  •   We purchased a beach house here in  Newport beach on Balboa island and needed to completely remodel the whole house.  So after searching through Yelp and reading the reviews We called   3 different companies for an estimate. For starters Mickey was the only contractor that had actually confirmed his appointment A-day prior to coming. We like this personality and his energy and we hired him . All I can say is "WOW"  Everything you have read on Yelp is spot on!! We had our complete kitchen gutted down to the studs, Moved windows and doors, Custom cabinets,  And a custom  quartz top with waterfall on the island.All new lighting  Throughout the home (LED) all on dimmer switches.Micky  Gave us great ideas he is very knowledgeable, We have learned to trust him throughout our remodel. Going through a remodel can be very stressful but Mickey was very good To work with. He is very transparent and sticks to all the deadlines. He worked very closely with our city inspector and  all his workers. He made sure all things were done right  the first time! I highly recommend Mickey And his team OC home restoration to anyone looking or thinking of re modeling.

    thumb Wendy B.
  •   Though Mickey has been a reliable,honest, positive and diligent contractor, he work on our needs first... we love him he surpassed our expectations. From the first day that he came to our home and we hired him for our kitchen remodel-he was always friendly and professional from start to finish. First he provide us a floor plan then a work spreadsheet which was truly affordable, I will be honest we had hired someone else for a little less but after they messed up our shower remodel we let them go... we decided to hire someone else to do our kitchen remodel and boy are we happy that we have found OC Home Restoration. Mickey was always on the job site making sure his guys was delivering to his expectation etc... I posted some pictures so you could see for yourselves. We have received sooo many positive complements from our neighbors & friends. We are very much pleased with Mickey and highly recommend his company and if we ever need any other remodel we will definitely use OC Home Restoration again. Kitchen Remodel turn out  spaciously beautiful and inviting.Thank You Mickey!!!

    thumb Luba O.
  •   Mick Apos of OC Restoration transformed our 35 year old dreary bathroom into the Taj Mahal of bathrooms.  Mick supervised his excellent workers that were courteous, neat and on time.  Mick was organized and enthusiastic about what needed to be done.  We can't say enough about him and highly recommend him!  Spread the news!

    thumb Colleen B.
  •   Was very disappointed.  Had called the company last week to come and give a quote for our bathroom to be put back together after a water pipe burst.  I set up an appointment for 4 p.m. Because I work in Irvine and the house is in Stanton I had to go into work early at 6:30 a.m. to get off in time to make home.  Needless to say at 4 p.m. nothing, so at 4:30 I called and Mickey answered the phone.  I told him who I was and wanted to know what happened.  He indicated he was in Fountain Valley at a customers house and leaving in a bit.  Now I understand shit happens.  But how hard is to call and explain the issue and say you are going to be late. Being tardy is a sign of disrespect without even a call. It tells others that you do not value their time, and that other things are more important to you than them.  Therefore, I told him nevermind, because if I can't be contacted for the initial quote what's going to happen should I hire.

    thumb Linda C.
  •   Mick and his crew saved our shower job. We had another guy working on our shower for couple of weeks total and for the last week he was installing the tiles with a nice glass ribbon.  I was in shock at the end of the week when I saw the tile job for first time, and still not completed but almost. It was a disaster.  Even talking about it now upsets me and it's been two weeks. That Saturday I tore out every piece of tile out. That sucked.
    I found OC Home Restoraton on yelp and called Mick. He was a professional from the beginning. He put us at ease and too. His crew started a couple of days later and finished in 4 days. The shower came out beautiful.  We've already booked them to do our tub shower tiles next.
    No need to look any further,  these guys can tile and I'm sure much more.

    thumb Carl R.
  •   If anyone is looking to remodel their bathroom you have to call OC Home Restoration. My husband and I interviewed quite a few contractors. Their bid was not the highest or lowest. The reason we went with Mikey at OC Home's was the reviews; and everyone was spot on! They come to your home, give you a quote with a timeline and STUCK TO IT! The job was done in a timely manner, they did a good job keeping my home clean and informing me each day as when they next day would start.

    thumb Caryn H.
  •   My beautiful  bathroom is a work of art.   Mick and his team of artisans created this masterpiece.  Everything done was of a standard that I didn't think existed anymore.   OC home restoration is a high-class remodeling company. However the prices are not so high, but fair. The quality and artistry of their work is worth every dime.  

    The workers are great to have in your home. They are professional, neat, and their work is close to perfect. Mick is beyond responsible and concerned about your project. He answers your text in just minutes. He's got everything set up every day and let's you know daily what will be happening.  

    I feel truly blessed to have found OC home restoration. I had other highly rated Contractors bid the job but I felt more comfortable with Mick and his extensive knowledge of construction. I am so excited to start more remodeling projects with OC home restoration!!!!

    thumb Malynda E.
  •   We recently had our bathroom remodeled, a new front door installed and painted, a backsplash added in our kitchen, and lighting updated throughout the house.  Mickey and his crew took care of all these projects, and we are very happy with the results.  We experienced a few communication issues, but Mick was always quick to respond and make things right.  We would use OC Home Restoration again.

    thumb Leah T.
  •   I must have interviewed about 10 contractors before doing a complete remodel of my home in Newport Coast. OC Home Restoration was one of the most affordable and their work turned out fantastic... home is beautiful, high end craftsmanship and gets compliments daily!

    thumb Keith L.

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