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  • review rating 5  I had Mickey from OC home restoration replace all the windows in my house He came in at $4700 cheaper then any bid I got And got the job done in 6 days . I would highly recommend OC home restoration for any home remodeling needs you may have.

    thumb nader nader
  • review rating 5  OC Home Restoration did a wonderful job at my Laguna Niguel home. They were on time, on schedule, and Mick was hands on with all details in mind. Thank you once again Mr. Maldini and I look forward to working with you on future projects.

    thumb Reza Javan
  • review rating 5  Mick and his team are wonderful. Had them redo my bathroom and kitchen in my parent's home, everything was taken care of swiftly and within the time frame I was given. The team cleaned up pretty well every day and didn't make a huge mess, nor did they cause any intrusion into our daily lives. The bathroom tile looks great and the kitchen wasn't even recognizable afterwards as it looked like it belonged in a magazine. If you need anything done involving flooring, tile, kitchen and bathroom remodeling in general, call these guys. Fair prices, and better work ethic than most from an honest company.

    thumb Brandon Stockwill
  • review rating 5  Mick Apos of OC Restoration transformed our 35 year old dreary bathroom into the Taj Mahal of bathrooms. Mick supervised his excellent workers that were courteous, neat and on time. Mick was organized and enthusiastic about what needed to be done. we can’t say enough about him and highly recommend him! Spread the news! Colleen B Newport Beach

    thumb Colleen Bevacqua
  • review rating 5  Finally a good contractor! Mickey was so easy to work with and the quality of the work was excellent! All his workers from the plumber to the hot mopper to the tile guys were extremely professional and clean. We had our bathroom remodeled down to the studs. From start to finish 9 days unheard of. I would highly recommend Mickey and his team for any remodel

    thumb parmiss jamshidabadi
  • review rating 5  Mick and his crews for OC Home Restoration just completed bathroom remodels in our Newport Coast home. I can say, without any hesitation, that this was the most pleasant of any of the many construction/remodel projects we have ever had. Mick's estimate was fair, honored throughout, and when we asked for additional work during the project Mick was accommodating and anxious to satisfy. The crews were professional, skillful, neat and courteous. The project was completed on time, beautiful and the entire process was satisfying. We learned to trust and appreciate Mick and his crews so much more than with prior projects. HIRE THIS COMPANY!

    thumb Storytellingbks IC

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OC Home Restoration your full house remodeling company in Newport Beach is something that you must do if you have been through a major disaster or you want to refresh the home because it is getting so old. You could have a full house remodel done at any time, and you need to be sure that you are ready for whole house remodeling because there are many things to do. We can help you when you are ready to get an estimate, and we will show you how our OC Home Restoration remodeling contractors can give you the best possible results. We can lay out the job for you, explain how much it will cost, and detail all the things we can do for you.

1. How Do You Start The Full House Remodel?

Whole house remodeling can be very hard on you, and it is something that you need to have a plan for. We will send you a technician who can walk through the house, walk you through all the things you can do, and start to draw up a plan. We have a residential remodel contractor do all the estimates so that you get the best advice, and you need to be sure that you have had a talk with them about cost. We are sensitive to the price that you will pay, and we will do all that we can to make your vision the right price.

2. Orange County Remodeling Contractors

Our Orange County home remodeling contractors come to your home licensed, insured, and bonded to do this work. They are ready to go at any time, and they have a team with them that can do everything from the full house remodeling in Orange County to the full house remodeling Costa Mesa that you desire. We can work with you in every location, and we will show you all the options that you have because you are working with us.

3. We Serve All Locations

We can do full house remodeling Orange County, ful house remodeling Costa Mesa, and full house remodeling Newport Beach jobs for you. Call us now to get on the schedule for a residential remodel contractor, and we will come to your location when the weather is good, you have approved the job, and we have all the materials. We are here to make your job as simple as possible, and we know that we can make your home fit in given the style and design of the homes in the area.

4. We Make Designs

Our Orange County home remodeling contractors are here to help you make a full design fro the house regardless of what you are doing. You could use the design as a way to decide what you think your best option is, or we can make a design that you will sign off on. We are here to work with you, and we want to give you everything you could ever need. This means that we are providing you with designs that look good, that have the right colors, and that make your life easier. We are trying to raise the value of the house, and we will do that because we have infused style and new materials into an old and tired space.

5. We Do Restoration

Full house remodeling in Orange County is something that we can do when the home has been destroyed by a storm, and we understand that you might need major work done on the inside of the space. This can be one of the worst times of your life, and we will show you how we can bring the house back to its former glory. We have many options for you, and we will explain to you what could be done based on what we see. We want to be honest with you, and we can lay out a plan for the restoration that is priced fairly. We can also work with your insurance company if you have questions about how much they will pay. This is a trying time, and we want to make it as easy as possible.

6. We Use Modern Techniques

We know that the salty air from the ocean and the weather conditions in this part of California can be difficult for you as the winds come in the fire season, the smoke could billow through the area, and flash floods could happen if we get too much rain. We use the most modern building techniques so that you are not left susceptible to all those problems, and we hope that you will ask us for any service that you believe would be helpful for you.

7. We Can Reshape The Room

Full house remodeling Orange County is a job that you do when your ant to make the house look completely new on the inside. You might want to try to change the layout of the house because you were thinking of having an office, more bedrooms, or a design that leaves room for a wheelchair. You could do anything to the house that you want, and we can draw up a plan for you that will be easy to follow. We can show you how to reroute the pipes, how to change the kitchen, how to put in a stairlift, how to install an elevator, or how to make the living room bigger. We are completely open to all your ideas, and we will get them into the house regardless of the way that they are laid out. We can make something work that you will be happy with, and we can get you into the house faster because we do not waste time.

8. The Landscaping

We can bring the landscaping back to life if your home was destroyed or badly damaged. We need to get to interior of the house first, but we can help you out with landscaping that makes it all look that much better. There are many ways for you to make the house look great, and we will return the property to normal. You will have a gorgeous interior, and you will have a lovely exterior.

9. Paint

We paint and stain everything in your full house remodeling Costa Mesa job. We want it all to look perfect when you get back intot he house, and we do not want to leave you with any more work to do. This is very important to us because it is often the only way that we can make the house feel like home. Your an choose any colors you like, and we can even stain wood panels to make them look like cherry or mahogany.

10. Conclusion

There are many people who would prefer to have their home completely rebuilt after a disaster, but there are others that need a full remodel of the interior. We can provide you with the help that you need to make the home look great again, and we will let you know what your options are so that you are not confused. We know how to make this easy, and we will give you a full design for the home that includes colors, carpentry, and any changes you