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Remodeling a Kitchen requires significant planning Because THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF THE HOME.


The best kitchen remodels often involve framing and drywall. Framing and drywall can be a focus in kitchen remodeling when the owner wants to completely renovate the kitchen by either moving walls around or adding square footage to the kitchen. As dedicated contractors, we use top-of-the-line material options during renovation projects that involve new walls.
Drywall options to upgrade walls in most vintage and modern kitchens:
Standard drywall:
Regular drywall is a popular kitchen paneling option because it’s solid and durable.
Moisture-resistant drywall:
This type of drywall is a great material for areas in a kitchen where pipes are found.
Mold-resistant drywall:
Mold-resistant drywall keeps residents safe by preventing mold growth.
painting walls
home remodeling and flooring installation

Flooring & Tile

Kitchen Flooring and Tile Remodeling can bring positive energy to the kitchen, so after replacing old, dull flooring with new materials, the entire space shines.
Most popular Flooring and Tile for kitchen design and remodel project:

Waterproof Vinyl

Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl

Bathroom Tile.

Waterproof Laminate

Waterproof Bathroom



Waterproof Laminate


Countertop Kitchen Upgrade

Countertops are so important functionality and flow of the kitchen space However the other section of the kitchen has to match with Floor, Cabinets, Backsplash, and Tiles.
Most popular countertop materials:





Solid Surface

OC Home Restoration & Remodeling Inc will give your kitchen and bathroom the updated, luxury look you can enjoy more at your renovated house or if you want to sell your property your buyers will appreciate it.

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