Room Addition Contractor

Room Addition is our specialty. OC Home Restoration is a licensed General Contractor who has many years of experience in a room addition, design, engineering, and production. By providing a full solution for room additions, we do for you the plans, 3D design, city permits, and the actual construction, we save you a lot of time and money.

7 Benefits of Home Additions & Extensions:

– Home Additions Give You More Space
– Home Additions Can House Extra Family Members
– You Can Rent It Out for Additional Income
– Home Additions Could Add Value to Your Home
– Home Additions Can Be Cheaper than Moving
– Home Additions Can Add Luxury
– Home Additions Can Add Natural Sunlight with A Sunroom

Also, there are many questions about room additions.

How much does it cost to add a bedroom to a home?
How long does it take to put a room addition on a house?
Are our room additions worth it?
What is considered a room in addition to a house?
How can I add a cheap room to my house?


OC Home Restoration experts provide a whole house remodeling service as well as a focused remodeling service of specific parts of your home such as the interior, exterior, and certain rooms.

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